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The Book of Splendors
By Eliphas Levi
The Inner Mysteries of Qabalism
    Born Alphonse Louis Constant, Levi's effect on the occult world and work is well known. This is one of his minor works and was my introduction to the Magician, who has become known as " our dear Father Constant" This book deals with many of the finer points of Qabalism and its connection to such things as Freemasonry and the Tarot, as far back as the Temple of Solomon. So involved with the subject this book presents itself as a play on the wonder and fancy of the Work as a whole. I found it very inspiring and its lessons useful in all my magical research
                   Abbot Ivey


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The God of the Witches
- A definitive work-
By Margaret A. Murray
    The 1989 New Oxford English Dictionary2nd Edition defines the word definitive as " having the function of finally deciding or settling". Moreover, to us a definitive work is one that is or was a part of the core dream that would one day become the Pagan Resurgence.
     First published in 1931, The God of the Witches is such a work.Margaret Murray was the first historian to turn a scholarly eye on the old religion in Pagan Europe. Since their publication her writings have given a lot of weight to the claim of a female run Goddess created world of the past, as well as fanned the interest of many in the ancient Pagan ways. This book and others like it were an invaluable source of information to those of us pagans who decades ago searched for it. It is unusually enjoyable read and has a last chapter sure to please, with four historical figures and a detailed account of how they fit into the mythos of the divine victim. You will find this work on the second level reading list for both the Inner Circle and Antiquus Ordino Immortalis Mysteria
                                  Abbot Ivey