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Antiquus Ordino Immortalis Mysteria


      The Ancient Order of Immortal Mysteries or A.O.I.M is but the tip of a huge occult iceberg that extends deep into the metaphysical world.
       Our order is made up of members from many different traditions, yet each of us is an oath bearing Magician through and through, until the end of the world and beyond.
        A.O.I.M. provides instruction on many different aspects of Pagan belief as well as owning the largest library on these subjects in the South. We encourage others in their own research and have amassed a large lending library. We also have a full Ritual Calander that we strickly adhere to. We do not just know magick; we do magick. We have rituals or classes every weekend, rain or shine. Rituals are held on the day closest to the new or full moon. These are open functions that any one may attend. Solitaries are always welcome at any class or function and may contact us at any time for more information.
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He found her as she rested in the beauty of her palace. She awoke at the perfume of the god and laughed in presence of his Majesty. He straightway came unto her and greatly desired her, he gave his heart to her, and caused her to behold him in his divine form after he had come into her presence. She rejoiced to behold his beauty and his love passed into her body; the palace overflowed with the purfume of his god, and all his savor was that of Punt.
                                        Inscription in the Temple of Hatsheput at Der al-bahri